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Darlene Ellen Conklin, Missing Since 1981

2020.08.30 03:44 ashhluvsu2 Darlene Ellen Conklin, Missing Since 1981

Hello everyone, I'm here to show you a missing person that I took a dive down the rabbit hole for. I've been able to find a bunch of articles and information in regards to this woman and her boyfriend, but there is still no evidence pointing to a location of where Darlene is.
Darlene Ellen Conklin Classified: Endangered Missing
Date of Birth: 10/15/1959
Sex: Female DNA: Available
Age: 21 years old
Height/Weight: 5’8, 110-130lbs
Missing Since: 04/01/1981
Missing From: Monsey New York (Rockland County) 10952
Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female, brown hair, green eyes. Tattoos of words on both hands, possibly “love” on one hand and either “terry, jerry or hate” on the other hand. Scars on her wrists.
Clothing/Jewelry: blue jeans
“Darlene was last seen April 19, 1981 in the area of Monsey, New York. Victim may have been beaten to death and her body disposed of. This is thought to have occurred inside a home in Monsey, NY.” http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/3034dfny.html
She was last seen in Monsey NY, sometime in April of 1981. (articles differ from April 1st to April 19th) She lived with her boyfriend, Stephen Szanyi in a house off routes 59 and 306, and she frequented the waterfront beach area off Haverstraw, NY, near the U.S gypsum plant. She has not been heard from since.
Her mom reported her missing later that year after the family suddenly stopped hearing from her by phone, which was unusual.
Her boyfriend at the time stated that Darlene would “drop out of sight from time to time,” and one day she simply “left and never came back.”
In April of 2011, (some places say 2010) there was an anonymous tip given to the Ramapo NY Police, that led to the re-opening of Darlene’s case. She may have been the victim of a homicide. The tip stated that an acquaintance described killing a woman and disposing of her body in 1981.
Ramapo police have been investigating another report that a woman’s body was found wrapped in a blanket with the name “Westchester County Moving Company” on it, shortly after Darlene vanished.
(SIDE NOTE: this is the only mention I was able to find about the company being referred to as Westchester Moving Company. All other references from this point on, are talking about the “Whalen’s Moving and Storage” company.)
Detectives aren’t clear on where the body was found or whether the description was a match. Ramapo police do know that an “as yet identified” law enforcement agency reached out to “Whalen’s Moving and Storage” of Mt. Kisco, NY, seeking information.
*When paid a visit, they had with them a polaroid photo of a deceased woman, wrapped in a Whalen’s moving and storage moving blanket. She was murdered and disposed of. At this point, investigators believe the body was in fact Darlene, due to her boyfriend Stephen being an employee of Whalen’s Moving and Storage. It is not known which agency investigated this homicide, Whalen’s is a national company with many locations. Every employee that was questioned remembered being shown the picture and recalled the woman had brown hair and was Caucasian.
Conflicting Information:
Looking around the internet for quite some time, I've noticed there are a few discrepancies in the articles.
* http://charleyproject.org/case/darlene-ellen-conklin
(updated in 2014) *https://www.njherald.com/article/20140502/NEWS/909028116
(on Websleuths, there is an article posted in the comments on a website called lohud.com and it is no longer available.)
Stephen Szanyi
I have been doing some digging on Darlene’s boyfriend, Stephen Szanyi. I found an article stating as of 2014, he lived in Newton, New Jersey, which is close to where I live. I found this:
*http://www.townshipjournal.com/news/sussex-county-prosecutor-HXTJ20091119311199856(NOTE: this website has a crap ton of info on it that isn't relevant. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll eventually find a paragraph or so of his charges.)
Clearly this man has had many run ins with the law all over the place. Sentenced in Sussex county in 2013, but on the mugshots.com article, it shows that he is “currently in custody” so he may have other charges, or this is a mistake.
It can’t be a coincidence that he worked at Whalen’s moving van company in the 80’s and then some picture surfaces of (supposedly) Darlene wrapped in a moving company blanket. Another puzzle to me, where is the polaroid picture? And also, why is it becoming impossible to find the law agency that took on the case in the first place? Too many questions and not enough answers!
There have been no other suspects.
Darlene’s mom Delores passed away in 2006 without finding out what happened to her daughter.
What do you think?
If you have any information about this case, I urge you to contact the proper authorities.
Ramapo Police Department : 845-357-2400 case # 10-37970 Namus #MP10336
Regional Program Specialist is Lori Bruski : 817-718-7904
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2020.04.21 03:21 nysrpatakemyenergy2 Harriman State Park FAQ - Spring 2020

With the current pandemic, many in the New York metropolitan area are looking for a weekend (or weekday) escape from their homes to enjoy some fresh air. Harriman (and Bear Mountain) is a popular destination. This post shall serve as a rough guide. Always look to the state website for the most update-to-date, official information.
As of April 24: All seasonal roads (roads normally closed in winter) have been closed due to COVID. Arden Valley, Tiorati Brook, Kanawauke Rd between the circle and Rte 17(reopened), Lake Welch Dr., and Exit 16 off the parkway. A blessing and a curse. Much less parking, but I expect fewer hikers in the deep parts of Harriman. Get to the park early (7 am) to get any parking.
NYS Parks COVID Tips
Getting There
The park is best accessible from:
Getting Around
The park is largely made up of two-lane roads with a max speed limit of 40 MPH. Bicyclists and runners abound and roads are very curvy, so go slow. State park police use radar and will ticket speeders. Unfortunately the curvy roads and scenery also attract motorcyclists (mostly during weekends), so watch out for them too.
Seven Lakes Drive is the major thoroughfare, connecting the southwest end of the park to the northeast end. The park is bordered by I-87 to the west, US-202 at the southeast, and the Palisades Parkway to the east. Most roads don't have a wide shoulder for walking.
There are many designated car parking areas. Parking along the side of the roads is not permitted and signage will remind you of the same. Tickets for illegal parking are $50+.
Parking has been halved to promote social distancing.
Parking fees are charged between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Parking fees are collected at Bear Mountain, Silvermine Lake, Lake Tiorati, Lake Welch, Lake Kanawauke. Other parking areas are first come, first serve. A New York State Empire Pass gets you free parking.
Overnight parking is explicitly allowed at Silvermine Lake.
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2020.04.05 15:02 Smileitsolga Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Saturday said he wasn’t aware of Rockland County’s request for a coronavirus “containment zone” — a remark County Executive Ed Day said left him “dumbfounded.” In a letter to Cuomo dated April 2, Day asked New York State to establish a containment zone within the Town of Ramapo

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Saturday said he wasn’t aware of Rockland County’s request for a coronavirus “containment zone” — a remark County Executive Ed Day said left him “dumbfounded.” In a letter to Cuomo dated April 2, Day asked New York State to establish a containment zone within the Town of Ramapo submitted by Smileitsolga to CoronavirusNewYork [link] [comments]

2020.03.10 10:39 Winstonp00 MEGATHREAD: Colleges announcing cancellations due to COVID-19

CHANGES: Due to more and more colleges cancelling, which is good because that was the point of this post, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up. Starting now, I will not add your university unless your comment specifically includes all of the info for me to add, in the format of Name, From, Until, and a source. Date announced is assumed to be the date you made your post, unless otherwise specified.
Thought it'd be nice to consolidate them somewhere. The below list is fairly close to chronological order. I suspect that the shutdowns announced on Monday have essentially forced a lot of colleges' hands into shutting down: any school that hasn't announced a shutdown by the end of today will just look bad. Here's the list of schools so far that have cancelled classes in some major capacity:
Vacate dorms means the school has asked all students to move out of dorms. Extended means the school had originally announced cancellations, but added more dates or restrictions following it.
School Date announced In effect from Effective until Precautions
University of Washington March 5 March 6 March 29
Lake Washington Institute of Technology March 5 March 6 March 22
Stanford University March 6 March 6 Indefinitely Vacate dorms; Extended
University of Southern California (USC) March 6 March 11 March 29 Extended
Seattle University March 6 March 9 March 29
Columbia University March 8 March 9 March 29 Extended
Rice University March 8 March 9 March 13
Princeton University March 8 March 23 Indefinitely
Fordham University March 8 March 9 Indefinitely
University of California, Berkeley March 9 March 10 End of semester Extended
New York University (NYU) March 9 March 11 March 29
University of California, San Diego March 9 March 30 End of Spring Quarter Lab classes can continue
Santa Clara University March 9 March 10 April 13
Vanderbilt University March 9 March 9 March 30
Amherst College March 9 March 12 Indefinitely Vacate dorms
San Francisco State University March 9 March 10 April 5
City College of San Francisco March 9 March 10 May 21
The Ohio State University March 10 March 10 Indefinitely Vacate dorms.
Harvard University March 10 March 15 Indefinitely Vacate dorms
San Jose State University March 10 March 10 March 13
Berea College March 10 March 13 Semester declared over Vacate dorms
Smith College March 10 March 30 Indefinitely Vacate dorms
American University March 10 March 18 April 3
Grinnell College March 10 March 23 Indefinitely Vacate dorms
Westchester University of Pennsylvania March 10 March 30 Rest of the semester
Rutgers University March 10 March 12 April 3
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute March 10 March 12 March 30
Case Western Reserve University March 10 March 10 Indefinitely
University of California, Santa Cruz March 10 March 11 April 3 Lab classes can continue
Rowan University March 10 March 16 March 27 Spring break extended (not online class)
Indiana University March 10 March 23 April 5
Akron University March 10 March 10 Indefinitely Classes cancelled from today, will resume online after Spring Break
Kent State University March 10 March 10 April 12 Classes cancelled from today, will resume Monday
Texas A&M University March 10 March 10 March 18
Tiffin University March 10 March 10 March 29
University of Toledo March 10 March 16 Indefinitely
Skidmore College March 10 March 10 March 22
The New School March 10 March 23 March 27
Syracuse University March 10 March 13 March 29 Students are encouraged to leave ASAP
Sacred Heart University March 10 March 11 March 29 Lab classes can continue
University of New Haven March 10 March 10 March 25 Vacate dorms
University of California, Santa Barbara March 10 March 11 End of quarter Extended
University of California, Riverside March 10 March 11 Through Spring Quarter
Purdue University March 10 March 23 Indefinitely
Miami University March 10 March 10 April 12
Cornell University March 10 April 6 Indefinitely
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) March 10 March 16 Indefinitely Vacate dorms
Babson College March 10 March 13 Indefinitely Vacate dorms
University of California, Davis March 10 March 16 March 20 In-person exams cancelled
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee March 10 March 13 March 29 Spring break extended
Quinnipiac University March 10 March 16 March 22 Monday and Tuesday cancelled, begin online Wednesday
University of Dayton March 10 March 10 April 3 Two weeks break, two weeks online
Stark State College March 10 ? ?
Northeast Ohio Medical University March 10 March 11 April 3
Colorado College March 10 March 11 April 27
Mount Holyoke College March 10 March 11 Indefinitely Vacate dorms
University of Cincinnati March 10 March 16 April 13
Duke University March 10 March 23 Indefinitely
University of California, Los Angeles March 10 March 11 End of quarter Extended
Tufts University March 10 March 11 Indefinitely Vacate dorms
University of California, Irvine March 10 March 16 Indefinitely
Molloy College March 10 March 10 March 28
Johns Hopkins University March 10 March 11 April 12
San Diego State University March 10 April 6 Indefinitely
University of Maryland March 10 March 23 April 10
West Virginia University March 10 March 16 Indefinitely Spring break extended
Xavier University, Ohio March 10 March 10 April 14
Yale University March 10 March 16 April 15 Spring break currently
Ramapo College March 10 March 16 April 5 Spring break extended
Southern Connecticut State University March 10 March 10 April 5
George Washington University March 10 March 23 April 5
Bowie State University March 10 March 12 April 5
Morgan University March 10 March 16 April 5
Denison University March 10 March 23 April 3
Stockton University March 10 March 23 April 5 Spring break extended through March 25
Western Washington University March 10 March 11 March 20
Bucknell University March 10 March 11 Indefinitely Vacate dorms
Michigan State University March 11 March 11 April 20
Washington University in St. Louis March 11 March 11 April 30 Vacate dorms
Boston University March 11 March 16 April 13
University of Iowa March 11 March 23 April 3
University of Colorado, Boulder March 11 March 13 End of semester
Bryn Mawr College March 11 March 11 April 3 May be extended
Haverford College March 11 March 11 April 3 May be extended
Central Michigan University March 11 March 16 March 22 Spring break currently, online begins next week. May be extended
University of Massachusetts Lowell March 11 March 11 April 3
University of Massachusetts Amherst March 11 March 11 April 3
University of Virginia March 11 March 19 April 3
Pepperdine University March 11 March 16 End of semester
University of Notre Dame March 11 March 16 April 3 No class week of March 16, online begins March 23
Northeastern University March 11 March 12 Indefinitely
Michigan Tech University March 11 March 16 Indefinitely
Gallaudet University March 11 March 23 End of semester
California State University, Long Beach March 11 March 12 April 20 No class March 12-17, online begins March 18
University of Wisconsin-Madison March 11 March 23 April 10 Spring break currently
State University of New York (ALL CAMPUSES) March 11 March 19 End of semester
City University of New York (ALL CAMPUSES) March 11 March 19 End of semester
University of Wisconsin, La Crosse March 11 March 12 April 10 Cancelled through March 27
University of Minnesota (ALL CAMPUSES) March 11 March 19 April 1 Campuses on spring break extended, those still with classes continue until March 18
University of the Cumberlands March 11 March 16 March 27
Millersville University March 11 March 31 Indefinitely Spring break extended through March 27
University of Louisville March 11 March 18 April 5
Washington State University March 11 March 23 Indefinitely
University of Michigan March 11 March 16 April 21 Class cancelled through 15th
Baylor University March 11 March 23 April 3
Virginia Tech March 11 March 23 End of semester
University of Rhode Island March 11 March 16 April 3
Wheaton College March 11 March 23 End of semester
Carnegie Mellon University March 11 March 17 Indefinitely
University of Pittsburgh March 11 March 23 End of semester Vacate dorms.
Emory University March 11 March 23 End of semester Vacate dorms.
University of Pennsylvania March 11 March 16 End of semester Vacate dorms.
Roanoke College March 11 March 12 April 3 Vacate dorms.
University of Oregon March 11 March 15 April 21
University of Illinois (ALL CAMPUSES) March 11 March 11 March 23
Grand Valley State University March 11 March 11 March 29
Northern Michigan University March 11 March 11 April 3
Western Michigan University March 11 March 11 April 3
Saginaw Valley State University March 11 March 11 April 17
Boston College March 11 March 11 Indefinitely Vacate dorms.
Brandeis University March 11 March 20 Indefinitely Vacate dorms.
Tulane University March 11 March 12 Indefinitely Vacate dorms.
George Mason University March 11 March 23 April 3
University of Missouri - Columbia March 11 March 11 March 30
University of Tennessee (ALL CAMPUSES) March 11 March 23 April 3
Ball State University March 11 March 11 End of semester
Texas Christian University March 11 March 16 April 3 Spring break extended
University of Texas-Austin March 11 March 16 March 29 Spring break extended
Oregon State University March 11 March 16 End of spring term
Orange Coast College March 11 March 16 Indefinitely
University of Houston March 11 March 16 Indefinitely Class cancelled through March 20. Online beyond.
University of Connecticut (ALL CAMPUSES) March 11 March 23 April 6
Harvey Mudd College March 11 March 11 Indefinitely Those who leave for spring break cannot return
State University System of Florida (ALL CAMPUSES) March 11 March 16 March 30 (FGC, FIU, FPU, and UF), April 6 (remaining)
Shepherd University March 11 March 13 March 29 Spring break extended.
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona March 11 March 13 April 3
Temple University March 11 March 13 Indefinitely
University of Kansas March 11 March 16 March 28
Concordia University March 11 March 16 April 13
Pennsylvania State University March 11 March 16 April 3
Springfield College March 11 March 16 March 29 Spring break extended
Wesleyan University March 11 March 11 Indefinitely Vacate dorms
University of Chicago March 11 March 11 Indefinitely Vacate dorms
Truman State University March 11 March 16 March 20
University of Arizona March 11 March 18 April 6
Arizona State University March 11 March 16 March 29
California Institute of Technology (Caltech) March 11 March 12 March 30
University of North Carolina (ALL CAMPUSES) March 11 March 11 Indefinitely Some campuses extended spring break.
Rhode Island School of Design March 12 March 22 Indefinitely Vacate dorms
Brown University March 12 March 22 Indefinitely Vacate dorms
University of Georgia system (ALL CAMPUSES) March 12 March 16 March 29
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system (ALL CAMPUSES) March 12 March 16 March 29
Vermont university system (ALL CAMPUSES) March 12 March 15 April 3
Dartmouth College March 12 March 16 May 1 Those out of campus at the moment cannot return.
University of Alabama March 12 March 13 April 6 Spring break extended, online begins March 30
Arkansas State University March 12 March 13 April 10
Eckerd College March 12 March 30 Indefinitely Vacate dorms. Class cancelled through 29th.
Henderson State University March 12 March 13 April 13
Lawrence University of Appleton March 12 March 29 Indefinitely Spring break extended through 29th.
California State University, Fresno March 12 March 20 April 27
Southwestern Oklahoma State University March 12 March 23 April 3 Spring break extended.
Canisius College March 12 March 23 April 6 Vacate dorms
Brighham Young University March 12 March 18 Indefinitely
Simmons University March 13 March 23 Indefinitely Vacate dorms
Macomb Community College (ALL CAMPUSES) March 12 March 23 Indefinitely Class cancelled through 22nd
Oakland County Community College (ALL CAMPUSES) March 12 March 23 Indefinitely Class cancelled through 22nd
Washtenaw Community College March 12 March 16 April 6 Class cancelled through April 5
University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) March 13 March 27 Indefinitely
Coastal Alabama Community College March 13 March 23 April 3
Humboldt State University March 13 March 26 April 17
Cabrillo Community College March 13 March 16 March 29
Western Washington University March 13 April 6 April 24
University of San Francisco March 13 March 18 End of semester
University of Utah March 16 March 18 End of semester
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2019.10.17 15:05 theItalianAnnoying My manifesto ... a letter to GB Italian and english

Hi I wrote a letter to send to Italian Branch and anyone would like to hear my voice. Is in English badly translated from Italian (with help of google tranlator be kind with me), so I'll paste the original one in Italian. I would like to know what do you think about it.
“Then Jesus went on to say to the Jews who had believed him: “If you remain in my word, you are really my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”John 8: 31.21. Jesus in that case was talking the Jews, the freedom he referred to was the freedom of a person who chose truth as his and not his truth, the freedom to understand that his pure teachings were the right ones, the his teachings would have freed the Jews from the Pharisaic oppression, made of laws and legends handed down from generation to generation when God had given only ten commandments. I want to be free too.
For years, especially the years of my growth, I was convinced that I knew the truth, the truth taught to me by my mother and my father. I have always been convinced that truth was an absolute concept, like loyalty, honesty, generosity.
You cannot be considered honest if from time to time, except then say "I was wrong", you avoid taxes even if you have the economic possibility to pay them, you can be considered a good person after all, but not honest in an absolute sense. Even for the concept of truth the same reasoning is valid, yours is a truth if in 100% of the cases your concept is immutable, perhaps absurd unthinkable but still true for you and for others so as to be considered a truth from here to Infinity. I learn from the latest news instead that unfortunately I was wrong, and the fault of this error is yours. For years I grew up with the awareness that "the end" was near, everyone told me, and was also accompanied by very complicated calculations on seven times, crossed prophecies, historical dates, eschatological analysis of the verses of the Bible, and has always been the basis of our creed, the struggle between the only true God Jehovah and his opponent who would lead in the very short term, count in hand the present day, at the end of the opponent and his followers and the establishment of a dominion of the Good on badly, a restoration of the initial conditions of mankind when the earth was a paradise and man was happy and immortal. I felt this concept expressed and expressed in various forms but with the same basis and the same epilogue:
- Don't worry so the end will come; - It is useless for you to study so much the end will come - Find a job that does not take up too much time because there will be an end and we must concentrate on something else.
The problem is that this sense of urgency, the feeling that the end was "just around the corner" recently is always and only made to arrive at the base, to us and to the others who wake up every morning trying to feed the family with a job that is very often precarious or not very specialized (so the end will come), occupying weekends and afternoons (often avoiding other passions) to transmit to others this sense of urgency, to make this base broader, to make sure that, numbers in hand, your work which is different from that of the base, could continue to expand and prosper, creating new levers of plenipotentiary "leaders", not in terms of wealth but in terms of power and comfort, after all your life is the most comfortable of all, you live in a complex paid by others at the expense of others you do a job in most cases hardly laboring, you live on the generosity of others and the others are very generous. I read about complex real estate movements, sales of renovations, new constructions (the last one that caused the Ramapo to overflow to 2022, two thousand twenty-sixth, scheduled for 2022, end of work), leasing and I wonder if the sense of urgency should only apply for the base and never for the organization seen in the widest possible way.
If you had had a sense of urgency, you probably could have rented an existing office, or continued as you have done until today where the Audio Video contributions certainly did, instead of building a new structure with a time window of seven years (if there are no problems). If I understand correctly you have decided to build a structure that, operating in ten years, would be closed and probably seized and/or destroyed in twenty (the calculation of the span comes from the effects of the your new understanding on the generation and the beginning of the "great tribulation") . What's the point in buying a structure in Bologna that will probably be completed in twenty years by having a megastructure in Rome? Where is the sense of urgency in these cases? Perhaps you did not understand that there are people who have really taken the story of the end seriously, others still thought that they would never die. You are responsible for having conditioned millions if not billions (considering that a person's choices also affect the lives of those who gravitate around us in the course of a lifetime), I do not necessarily say negative, but their lives have been and are irreparably conditioned. There were people waiting for her in '75, then you changed "understanding" several times and since 1919 a century has passed, if you think about a twentieth of the same years passed by the presence of Christ on earth, and every time over the years you have changed the "truth", therefore, every time a truer truth exists. So the first one was a lie? Because a truth that is not true cannot be just a fact and updating a truth does not mean giving it more strength, it means just updating a lie to make it more credible.
In 1975 and in the 90s it was easier because you had time margin, now to make the "truth" more credible you have updated the understanding of the generation (absurdly and without scriptural basis), but time is a constant is You can move a historical date a few years back and forth but you can't stop the time you can't shorten or lengthen it. If you really care about those who have spent time and energy for years, let us take a big pleasure, you don't call it truth anymore, otherwise my loyalty and that of others in the long run will be like your truth, or maybe it already is. If you were wrong for years, you "misunderstood" what was written, you probably did it on the other hundreds of facets that make up the "true" religion. In the months before the baptism I studied the whole basis of the creed, who tells me that that creed is still valid if one of these is widely revised and reformed? And if the understanding of the disassociation had been misunderstood for years? What if the blood rule was wrong? Do you ever ask yourself these questions while playing with people's lives from a comfortable office desk? Now the Christian community of Jehovah's Witnesses is divided into four parts: 1. The leading group ranging from the special pioneers and up , which obviously this situation can only make comfortable; 2. Those who do not ask this question for various reasons, ranging from ignorance or obtuse faith in the ruling group rather than in the scriptures; 3. Those who ask this question if they do it and continue to pretend nothing happened because even if the end never comes it would not be such a serious possibility as to condition their quiet life
  1. Those who ask this question and understood that they have spent the best years of their lives, have let avoid dream and passions because of a truth that over the years has become an old truth, a non-truth , a lie; and now, for consistency and principle, they would like to scream their own truth but cannot because they have a sword of Damocles on their heads, called the loss of the esteem of the most expensive affections or disassociation. Like Damocles, this sword is supported by a horsehair and living the life becomes tiring and demeaning. I obviously belong to this category.
I believe in this truth, that there is no absolute truth when it comes to faith, and despite all your efforts and calculations to convince people that this truth exists, in reality it exists only in the ignorance and gullibility of people. In a few years you will be with your back to the wall, like me today, for years you have given for absolute concepts and you realize that time - yours - is about to expire. You will boil me as an apostate, but I believe that the actual apostate are you due to your continues change of doctrine .
You have ruined my life, you must apologize.

========================== ITALIAN =============================================
“Se rimanete nella mia parola, siete realmente miei discepoli, e conoscerete la verità, e la verità vi renderà liberi” Giovanni 8:31,32.
Gesù in quel caso si rivolgeva ai giudei, la libertà al quale si riferiva Lui era la libertà di una persona che sceglieva la verità come sua e non la sua verità, la libertà di capire che i suoi insegnamenti, puri, erano quelli giusti, i suoi insegnamenti avrebbero liberato i giudei dall’oppressione farisaica, fatta di leggi e leggine tramandate di generazione in generazione quando Dio aveva dato solo dieci comandamenti.
Voglio essere libero anche io.
Per anni, specialmente gli anni della mia crescita, sono stato convinto di aver conosciuto la verità, la verità insegnatami da mia madre e mio padre. Sono stato sempre convinto che la verità fosse un concetto assoluto, come la lealtà, l’onestà, la generosità.
Non puoi essere infatti considerato onesto se di tanto in tanto, salvo poi dire <>, evadi le tasse pur avendo la possibilità economiche di pagarle, puoi essere considerata una brava persona tutto sommato, ma non onesta in senso assoluto. Anche per il concetto di verità vale lo stesso ragionamento, la tua è una verità se nel 100% dei casi il tuo concetto è immutabile, magari assurdo impensabile ma comunque vero per te e per gli altri tanto da essere considerato una verità da qui all’infinito.
Apprendo dalle ultime notizie invece che purtroppo mi sono sbagliato, e la colpa di questo errore è vostra.
Per anni sono cresciuto con la consapevolezza che “la fine” fosse vicina, tutti me lo dicevano, ed era corredata anche da calcoli complicatissimi su sette tempi, profezie incrociate, date storiche, analisi escatologiche dei versi della bibbia, ed è sempre stata la base del nostro credo, la lotta tra l’unico vero Dio Geova e il suo oppositore che avrebbe portato nel brevissimo termine, conti alla mano i giorni nostri, alla fine dell’oppositore e dei suoi seguaci e all’istaurazione di un dominio del Bene sul male, di una restaurazione delle condizioni iniziali del genere umano quando la terra era un paradiso e l’uomo era felice ed immortale.
Sentivo questo concetto declinato ed espresso in varie forme ma con la stessa base e lo stesso epilogo:
· Non ti preoccupare tanto poi verrà la fine;
· È inutile che studi tanto verrà la fine
· Trovati un lavoro che non occupi troppo tempo perché tanto verrà fine e ci dobbiamo concentrare su altro.
Il problema è che questo senso di urgenza, la sensazione che la fine fosse <> di recente è sempre e solo fatto arrivare alla base, a noi e gli altri che ogni mattina ci svegliamo e si svegliano per cercare di sfamare la famiglia con un lavoro molto spesso precario o poco specializzato (tanto poi verrà la fine), occupando fine settimana e pomeriggi (spesso trascurando altre passioni) per trasmettere ad altri ancora questo senso d’urgenza, per far allargare di più questa base, per fare in modo che, numeri alla mano, la vostra opera che è diversa da quella della base, potesse continuare ad allargarsi e prosperare, creare nuove leve di “dirigenti” plenipotenziari, non per ricchezza ma per potere e agiatezze, in fin dei conti la vostra vita è la più agiata di tutti, vivete in un complesso pagato da altri a spese degli altri fate un lavoro nella maggior parte dei casi poco faticoso, vivete della generosità degli altri e gli altri sono molto generosi.
Leggo di complessi movimenti immobiliari, vendite ristrutturazioni, nuove costruzioni (l’ultima quella che ha fatto traboccare il vaso quella Ramapo prevista per il 2022 fine lavori prevista 2026, duemila ventisei), leasing e mi chiedo se il senso d’urgenza debba valere solo per la base e mai per l’organizzazione vista in un modo più ampio possibile.
Se aveste avuto anche voi senso d’urgenza probabilmente invece di costruire una struttura nuova con una finestra temporale di sette anni (se non ci sono intoppi) avreste potuto affittare, o continuare come si è fatto fino ad oggi dove i contributi Audio Video di certo non sono mai mancati.
Se ho capito bene avete deciso di costruire una struttura che, operativa tra dieci anni, sarebbe chiusa e probabilmente sequestrata e/o distrutta tra venti (il calcolo spannometrico viene dagli effetti del nuovo intendimento sulla generazione e l’inizio della “grande tribolazione”).
Che senso ha, inoltre, comprare una struttura a Bologna che probabilmente verrà ultimata tra vent’anni avendo una megastruttura a Roma? Dove sta il senso d’urgenza in questi casi?
Forse non avete capito che c’è gente che la storia della fine l’ha presa veramente sul serio, altri ancora i più vecchi pensavano che non sarebbero mai morti. Siete responsabili di aver condizionato milioni se non miliardi (considerando che le scelte di una persona condizionano anche le vite di chi ci gravita intorno nel corso della vita) di persone, non dico necessariamente in negativo, ma comunque le loro vite sono state e sono irrimediabilmente condizionate.
C’era gente che l’aspettava nel ’75, poi avete cambiato “intendimento” svariate volte e dal 1919 è passato un secolo, se ci pensate un ventesimo degli stessi anni passati dalla presenza di Cristo sulla terra, e ogni volta nel corso degli anni avete cambiato la “verità”, esiste quindi ogni volta una verità più vera.
Quindi quella di prima era bugia? Perché una verità non vera non può essere solo un fatto e aggiornare una verità non significa dargli più forza significa solo aggiornare una bugia per renderla più credibile. Nel 1975 e negli anni 90 era più facile perché avevate margine in termine di tempo, adesso per rendere la “verità” più credibile avete aggiornato l’intendimento della generazione (in modo assurdo e senza basi scritturali), ma il tempo è una costante è possibile spostare una data storica di qualche anno avanti e indietro ma il tempo non lo puoi fermare non lo puoi accorciare o allungare. Se ci tenete veramente a chi per anni ha dedicato tempo ed energie fateci un piacere uno grosso, non la chiamate più verità, altrimenti la mia lealtà e quella degli altri alla lunga, sarà come la vostra verità, o forse lo è già.
Se vi siete per anni sbagliati, avete “inteso” male quello che stava scritto, probabilmente lo avete fatto sulle altre centinaia di sfaccettature che compongono la “vera” religione.
Nei mesi precedenti al battesimo ho studiato tutta la base del credo, chi mi dice che quel credo è ancora valido se uno di questi è ampiamente rivisto e riformato?
E se l’intendimento della disassociazione fosse stato per anni inteso male?
E se quello del sangue fosse sbagliato?
Ve le fate mai queste domande mentre giocate con le esistenze delle persone da una comoda scrivania di un ufficio?
Adesso la comunità cristiana dei Testimoni di Geova è divisa in quattro parti:
  1. Il gruppo dirigente che vanno dai viaggianti pionieri speciali in su al quale ovviamente questa situazione può fare solo comodo;
  2. Quelli che questa domanda non se la fanno per vari motivi che vanno dall’ignoranza o per la fede ottusa nel gruppo dirigente più che nelle scritture;
  3. Quelli che questa domanda se la fanno e continuano a fare finta di niente perché anche se la fine non dovesse venire mai non sarebbe un’eventualità talmente grave da condizionare una vita tutto sommato tranquilla;
  4. Quelli che questa domanda se la fanno e non riescono a capacitarsi del fatto che hanno impiegato i migliori anni della vita, hanno fatto assopire propensioni e passioni a causa di una verità che con gli anni è diventata una verità vecchia, una non-verità, una bugia; e adesso per coerenza e principio vorrebbero urlare la propria verità ma non possono perché hanno sulla testa una spada di Damocle, chiamata perdita della stima degli affetti più cari o disasassociazione. Al pari di Damocle questa spada è sorretta da un crine di cavallo e vivere la vita così diventa faticoso e svilente. Io ovviamente faccio parte di questa categoria.
Credo a questa verità, che non esista una verità assoluta quando si parla di fede e nonostante tutti i vostri sforzi e calcoli per convincere la gente che esiste questa verità, in realtà esiste solo nell’ignoranza e la creduloneria delle persone.
Voi tra qualche anno sarete con le spalle al muro, come me oggi, per anni avete dato per assoluti concetti e vi rendente conto che il tempo – il vostro – sta per scadere.
Mi bollerete come un apostata, io invece credo che gli apostati siate voi che cambiate la dottrina a vostro piacimento. Mi avete rovinato la vita chiedete scusa.
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2019.02.09 01:50 TeamTeSPA Tespa Collegiate Series: StarCraft II Team Brawl - Recruitment Thread

Tespa Collegiate Series: StarCraft II Team Brawl - Recruitment Thread

Hey everyone! I’m David, the head admin for Tespa’s StarCraft II program, and I wanted to create this thread for ease of access to signups for TCS: StarCraft II. We have a smaller registration window this year, where registration for Qualifier #1 is ending on February 21st at 11:59 PM PST*! Feel free to use this list as a way to find other players from your school. If you’re already slated to compete this year - GL;HF!

How to Sign up Check the list below or go to the tournament’s sign up page. If you have successfully registered your account on compete, then all available teams from your school will be listed here. If you still don’t see a team, create one and others from your school who navigate to this page will see your team!
  1. Be a full time college student in the United States or Canada
  2. Join up with at least 2 other students from your school
  3. Play StarCraft II
This list includes incomplete teams and is up to date as of 03-06-2019 at 12:00 pm PT (3:00 pm ET) - if you see your school on this list and want to sign up, try contacting the captain through Steam or Discord. They may have other members in mind though, so please don’t take offense if they don’t add you!

Important Dates

What if our school doesn’t have a Tespa ChapteEsports Club?

Being part of a Tespa Chapter or esports club is not required to compete in this tournament. As long as you and your teammates attend the same college and meet the eligibility requirements, you are more than welcome to sign up and get in on the action!

What if I am the only person at my school who plays StarCraft II?

There are many methods you can use to try to find additional StarCraft II players in your school. We encourage everyone, even if you are not optimistic about finding a group of 3, to at least try the following:

Useful Links

Current Incomplete Teams














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2018.08.20 20:48 TeamTeSPA Tespa Fall 2018 Collegiate StarCraft II Tournament Announcement

Tespa Fall 2018 Collegiate StarCraft II


Tespa is proud to announce its competitive programming for fall 2018. In StarCraft II, two separate tournaments will be held simultaneously: a 1v1 tournament, as well as a Team Brawl tournament with 3 players on each team. Each tournament will feature an 8-week open ladder with two matches per week, leading into a weekend of playoffs. For full details, you can visit our tournament pages here:
Collegiate StarCraft II Team Brawl
Collegiate StarCraft II 1v1


This is the second year of Tespa’s two tournament Collegiate StarCraftII Tournament. Last year in the 1v1 finals, Semper from Université de Montréal was able to knock off JonSnow from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 3-1. Semifinalists were THERIDDLER from the University of Waterloo and Starkiller from Ramapo College of New Jersey.
For TCS: Team Brawl, University of California, Berkeley, led by rising WCS player Silky, was able to narrowly edge out THERIDDLER’s University of Waterloo by a score of 4-3. A full VOD of the Tespa Collegiate Series playoffs can be found here.


Who is eligible to play in these tournaments?
College and university students in the U.S. and Canada are eligible to participate. Both part-time and full-time students are eligible.
For the Team Brawl, 3 players are required to make a team. These players must be from the same school. Teams may choose to add a fourth player to use as a sub.
What is the Participation prize for these tournaments?
Participation Prize: All players who play in at least 6 out of the 8 weeks of open ladder will receive a Tespa SC2 Portrait Package, which includes 4 rare and exclusive in-game portraits.
When will these tournaments take place and when is the deadline to sign up?
Both tournaments have a flexible signup date, where players are allowed to join midway through. Signups are open for all eligible players. It is recommended to sign up as soon as possible in order to get the participation prize!
The 1v1 tournament will play its first matches on September 30, with online playoffs on December 1 and 2.
The Team Brawl will play its first matches on September 29, with online playoffs on December 8 and 9.
What happens if I can’t play for one week due to other commitments?
We allow players to opt out from receiving matches in advance of the week they know they will be gone.
Alternatively, another option would be to contact your opponent early on and try to reschedule the match to an earlier time.
Are we allowed to play in both tournaments?
Yes, players will be able to participate in both tournaments. Their schedules will not overlap, with the Team Brawl being played on Saturdays and the 1v1 being played on Sundays.
I am a casual player, is there even a point for me to sign up?
We want all players to be able to enjoy this tournament. This is why we have spent the time to revamp the elo system we use to help facilitate more evenly skilled matches. After the first few weeks, players should find themselves playing opponents of equal strength.
In addition, all participants who play in at least 6 out of the 8 weeks of the open ladder will receive a Tespa SC2 Portrait Package, which contains rare portraits that cannot be obtained from anywhere else.
I am the only person at my school who plays SC2. What can I do if I want to play in the Team Brawl?
There are many methods you can use to try to find additional SC2 players in your school. We encourage everyone, even if you are not optimistic about finding a group of 3, to at least try the following:
Will matches be broadcasted?
There will be full coverage of the playoffs for both tournaments.

Additional Questions

For additional help and support, please join the Tespa Compete Discord Server or reach out to us at [email protected].
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2018.04.14 21:08 TeamTeSPA Tespa Collegiate Series Starcraft 2 - Playoff Weekend 1

Tespa Collegiate Series: Starcraft Overview:

Tespa is proud to present TCS Starcraft this Spring with $35,000 in prizing. The 16 teams playing in this league were selected with 12 teams qualifying through our Fall Season as well as 4 teams that qualified through our Spring Qualifiers. Teams of 3 play in an 8 week long round robin stage to determine their position in our playoffs. You may check out more information on our Tournament Page.

This Week’s Match Schedule

This week we will be showcasing two matches from two of the four groups. These teams are on their last chance to move on to the top 8. The bottom seeded teams will have to win not only against their first round opponent, but their second as well if they hope to place in the top 8. While the higher seeded teams will only have to win once to move on.
Saturday, April 14th: Playoff Week 1: Groups 2 & 4
Time Matchup Result
5:00PM PDT / 8:00PM EDT Ramapo College vs Utah Valley University Results
6:00PM PDT / 9:00PM EDT University of California - San Diego vs Winner of previous match Results
7:00PM PDT / 10:00PM EDT University of Waterloo - C vs University of Nevada - Reno Results
8:00PM PDT / 11:00PM EDT University of Toronto - A vs Winner of previous match Results

Where To Watch


Helpful Links

Broadcast Dates (twitch.tv/starcraft)

  • April 14th 5pm PDT - 9pm PDT Playoffs
  • Apr. 21th 5pm PDT - 9pm PDT Playoffs
  • Apr. 28th Top 8 Championships
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2017.01.19 02:19 Peloden Scrapbook: Ramapo Daily Voice

This is a collection of news articles from the Ramapo Daily Voice, a local regional publication in New York where Grace Vanderwaal lives.
8 Jun 2016 Suffern Girl Shines On 'America's Got Talent'
11 Jul 2016 'America's Got Talent' Suffern Star Grace VenderWaal Sings In Rockland
25 July 2016 Starlet Grace VanderWaal To Perform In Hometown Suffern
28 July 2016 Save The Date: Suffern's Grace VanderWaal 'AGT' Air Date Announced
2 Aug 2016 TV Breakout Star Grace VanderWaal Rocks Suffern's Lafayette Theatre
22 Aug 2016 VanderWATCH: Suffern's Grace VanderWaal Performs On 'AGT' Tuesday Night
24 Aug 2016 Grace VanderWOW: Suffern Youngster Will Be 'Biggest Star' Says 'AGT' Judge
24 Aug 2016 Next Stop, Semifinals: Suffern's Grace VanderWaal Advances On 'AGT'
1 Sep 2016 It's On To 'AGT' Final For Suffern Starlet Grace VanderWaal
12 Sep 2016 VanderWatch: Suffern Starlet Competes In Finals Of 'AGT' Tonight
13 Sep 2016 Suffern's Grace VanderWaal Belts Out New Original Song In 'AGT' Finale
14 Sep 2016 VanderWon: It's 'Amazing Grace' As Suffern Starlet Wins NBC's 'AGT'
15 Sep 2016 Hometown Hero Grace VanderWaal To Get First-Ever 'Key To Rockland County'
18 Sep 2016 Date Is Set For Grace VanderWaal Parade In Suffern
22 Sep 2016 VanderWATCH: Suffern's Grace VanderWaal To Make Late-Night Debut
1 Oct 2016 Grace VanderWaal's Victory March This Weekend In Suffern
2 Oct 2016 Hometown Hero: Hundreds Turn Out To Celebrate Suffern's Grace VanderWaal
3 Oct 2016 VanderWatch: Sights, Sounds From Grace VanderWaal's Suffern Parade
23 Oct 2016 Suffern's Grace VanderWaal Records New Album
5 Dec 2016 VanderRECORD: Suffern's Grace VanderWaal Announces 'Perfectly Imperfect' EP
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2016.03.01 18:16 courier1b 95 Killed in 41 U.S. Murder-Suicides in February; 85% Deaths by Firearm.

A late addition here to January's list, bringing the opening sixty days of the year to 173 killed in 74 incidents, 83% by firearm.
Speculated to have been murder-suicide, but remaining under investigation and not included, the Titchener case in Brisbane, CA.
Persons named as perpetrator in bold.
Date City Means Names (Age)
January 30 Carriere, MS Firearm William Claycomb (73) Victoria Burton-Claycomb (61)
February 1 Melbourne, FL Firearm Ricky Cook (60) Sandra Cook (54)
February 2 Naples, FL Firearm August Steen Jr. (85) Edna Jarboe (92)
February 2 Meadows Place, TX Firearm Vonnie Le Bui (44) Virginia Minh Trang Luu (25) James Thien Nguyen (16)
February 2 Jersey Village, TX Firearm Gary Schwintz (66) Becky Schwintz (60)
February 2 Gallatin, TN Knife (implied) Chad Peveler (39) Amber Peveler (33)
February 3 Richmond, VA Firearm Richard Burton (58) Velda L. Garner (57)
February 6 Uvalde, TX Firearm Dylan Westerburg (19) Phinny Paul Norton (60) Arthur Norton (58) Jennifer Jacques (42)
February 7 Louisa Co., VA Firearm Charles Waldon Wilson (51) Stacey Ann Bowers (45)
February 8 Citrus Co, FL Firearm Jerry Lee Mone (69) Kay Renner (89)
February 8 Oak Forest, IL Strangulation/Multiple David Joost (54) Margaret O'Leary-Joost (55) Daniel Joost (18)
February 8 Roanoke, VA Firearm Henry Rothrock (79) Nora Rothrock (81)
February 9 Kansas City, KS Firearm Micky Burke (31) Leslie Jacobson (26)
February 9 Latham, NY Firearm Israel J. Roman (44) Deborah Roman (44) Nathan Roman (10)
February 10 Trussville, AL Firearm Troy Green (29) Brittaney Owens (25)
February 10 Vanceboro, NC Firearm & Undisclosed Danny Vandiford (60) Loretta Woolard (49)
February 11 Ramapo, NY Firearm John Lord (65) Irene Lord (63)
February 11 Nemacolin, PA Firearm Louis Drotos (67) Mary Sue Drotos (67)
February 11 Pawtucket, RI Knife Ariel Alonzo Montoya (52) Maria Cecilia Velasquez (50)
February 12 Glendale, AZ Firearm Dorothy Dutiel (15) May Kieu (15)
February 12 Omaha, NE Firearm Kenneth Clark (45) Jason Edwards (41) John Edwards (35)
February 13 Atascadero, CA Firearm Kenneth Casad (87) Doris Casad (87)
February 14 Oneida, TN Firearm & Undisclosed Clay West (45) Madge West (45)
February 14 Warner Robins, GA Firearm Christopher Hankinson (41) Angela Polk (45)
February 16 Middle River, MA Firearm Muhammadu S. Igomigoh (49) Nnenna L. Ogbonna (44)
February 17 Vernon, CT Blunt Force & Hanging Eric Danziger (59) Allison Peterson (53)
February 17 Richland Co., VA Firearm Keith Wallace (32) Stephanie Wallace (34)
February 19 Handy Township, MI Firearm Joshua Farmer (23) Jennifer Harvey (43)
February 21 Geneva, NY Firearm Pedro Pacheco (35) Emily Carson (38)
February 21 Katy, TX Firearm Unidentified Male (17) James Ayala (25)
February 21 Yuma, AZ Firearm Anisha Herrera-Manchatta (39) Sean Snyder (35)
February 22 Danville, CA Firearm/Asphixia Paul Sween (63) Chalan Sween (55)
February 22 Merrillville, IN Firearm Eric Meeks (34) John Meeks (66) Olga Meeks (65)
February 22 Little River Co., AR Firearm James Judd (75) Barbara Judd (73)
February 23 Phoenix, AZ Firearm Alex Arthur Buckner (26) Vic Buckner (50) Kimberly Buckner (49) Kaitlin Buckner (18) Emma Buckner (6)
February 24 Houston, TX Firearm Unidentified Male (56) Unidentified Female (59)
February 26 Cincinnati, OH Firearm Larry Furr (56) Janet Furr (55)
February 26 Belfair, WA Firearm David Wayne Campbell (51) Lana J. Carlson (49) Tory Carlson (18) Quinn Carlson (16) Donna Reed (68)
February 27 Commerce City, CO Firearm Luis Lara (62) Monica Montoya (43)
February 28 Sandusky, OH Firearm Raphael Greaves (36) Angela Tierney (31)
February 28 Middle Island, NY Knife Erdem Gulay (41) Fahriye Ugan (54)
February 28 Lexington, KY Firearm Antonio Brooks (37) Sukenia Rice (36)
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2015.08.27 21:59 drunksandman The song "Maps" means so much to me, because

I literally have "a map on the wall in my room on the wall of my room" that I use to keep track of my adventures in Philadelphia, PA. My map pre-dates their self-titled album by about a year, so it was truly something special when I first heard this song after first discovering "Flashlight."
In the second and third pictures, you can even see my record of a Front Bottoms concert, near the top, by the "Union Transfer" venue. It is an icon of their self-titled album. I purchased it at their show, had it signed by Bryan, and also informed him that we went to the same college, Ramapo College of New Jersey.
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2014.09.15 02:41 Mainstay17 Hasidic takeover of East Rockland school board?

So, tonight my dad came home and told me that there was this district in Rockland - Ramapo - where the large Hasidic community did not like that they were paying taxes to the public (i.e. non-yeshiva) schools that their kids did not attend, so they essentially 'took over' the district school board because they had the numbers. Then they started cutting funding and closing down public schools in the area, and allegedly diverted funding to yeshivot.
Given that both of these articles are a bit dated, and my dad's only brought it up now, does anyone here have any recent information on this situation?
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2014.05.06 02:23 DMD12345 First 10 days of nofap, take the time to read it...this stuff really does work!

Here's my first 10 log entries of my nofap experience, I'll most likely be posting every entry individually every day.
Here's a log I made over the first 10 days, I write them on my phone everyday and will post them every so often up on here, it's always good keeping a log for this stuff like this.
4/25/14, 1:26 PM, the beginning: I understand that masturbation is healthy and normal, however it has consumed too much of my free time. It's probably the reason why I'm anxious and awkward around women and unable to work up the courage to date a girl. Social skills in general could use work as I feel very nervous and out of place in social settings. Today I have masturbated 3 times, twice till ejaculation. Last night I also masturbated till orgasm as well. I need to stop this before it becomes a full-blown addiction, so I've decided to start giving it up for 60 days (maybe even more) and see how it goes, I need to overcome this and if I succeed, it'll play a role in getting me out of the current social/dating rut that I'm in. I do exercise, although I haven't been able to do so consistently over the past 2 weeks due to school obligations, keeping myself busy and getting important things done will be key to overcoming this behavior.
Day 1- Learned a few new terms yesterday for masturbating: PMO (using porn to masturbate to orgasm) and MO (masturbating till orgasm) other than that, just going along with the abstaining, obviously no changes yet, other than feeling good that I've completed a full 24 hours without whacking it. But it's nothing I haven't done before, I've gone several days without PMO before, only to start up again, I plan to keep abstaining. Going one day already has me feeling kinda good, just gotta keep going from here and avoid the temptations, I need to delete that collection of photos on my phone and computer soon, it'll definitely assist in avoiding temptation.
Day 2 (well technically day 3, didn't have the time to record an entry yesterday)- it's been almost 3 full days now, still no significant changes, other than feeling better about my self control, I'm currently at school waiting for my dreaded 10:00 math class to start (my professor is a pretty good one though, me and math just don't mix well). Although I guess something significant happened because before or after class sometimes (even on occasion while I was on break from my 3 hour class last semester), I'd whack it in a one-person restroom on campus if I had to use the bathroom. I'm also pretty sure there were several occasions where I didn't actually have to go and just used that bathroom to satisfy my urges. Last time I used that bathroom to beat it was this past Friday. While walking on campus, my stomach wasn't agreeing with me and I had to go rather badly, I figured I'd use that restroom for privacy. However, it was taken so I used the multi-person one down the hall. I think it was a good thing that it was taken, as the sense of privacy could've given me the temptation to do the deed, as fucked up as it sounds. I've come to realize how serious my problem became when I even give in to the urge to beat off in a public restroom, let alone just the thought of seriously considering it. It's trashy, not very sanitary as well, and creepy, it could be worse though, I could be beating it on the regular in a multi person restroom. Which I have done twice before, first time was about a year ago, the bathroom ended up getting too busy shortly after I barely got started, and the second time was about 2 weeks ago, luckily no one came in before I finished. Looking back, it's very disturbing that I even did that, at least I wasn't a complete animal and actually had the decency to clean up after myself. But still there is no justification to my disgusting and creepy old habits, they are absolutely unacceptable and I aim to continue down this path of abstinence from masturbation. Gotta go, class starts soon.
Day 4- Getting those annoying urges but instead of thinking about when I'm gonna next whack it, I think about what I wanna get done and be productive. My balls were aching every once in awhile yesterday, but that has subsided. I've also cleaned out my phone and computer of all the pictures I would masturbate to, that will definitely help curb the temptation during my down time. Although I wasn't beating it, I still sat around wasting time and didn't get started on my math homework till late, so now I won't have time to work out and I'm so exhausted from my busy morning. I guess it's just one of those days.
Day 5- My mood is much better than it usually is on days I work. I didn't really have too much time to think about jerking it and fighting the urge today. As well as not masturbating, my good mood also probably has to with today telling myself to be a little more friendlier at work towards customers that try to talk to me instead of avoiding conversation. If someone tried to start a conversation, I responded back, and not just with a one-word response, I actually responded back in full sentences and I was actually smiling, instead of having the usual pissy face I have on when I'm at work. I'm amazed I was able to do that on the rainy miserable day it was today. Whether it was with having a simple conversation or starting a transaction I was able to speak clearly and hold eye contact, occasionally I'd break off eye contact, but I was better with it than usual. Topics about conversations ranged from small talk about school to the weather (it was pouring out today and I would tell customers about how the ceiling in my booth would spring leaks in the rain) regular customers that I'd normally talk to I spoke with seemingly better than usual with holding eye contact and keeping the conversation going. Keeping a conversation going with coworkers isn't a problem for me, unless there's a language barrier, but I still try even if there's one. If I keep practicing the eye contact, which is essential to having any social interaction be a successful one, I'll get it down and get even more comfortable talking to people. I work at a gas station as a gas attendant, so my job is fairly easy in terms of mental work and gives me plenty of opportunities to talk to people. I'm starting to believe that it really is true that if you're genuinely nice to people, it rubs off (no pun intended) on you and your own mood improves. Little things that normally irritate me didn't irritate me as much today. (examples being such as customers pulling in facing the wrong side, or paying in all singles, not opening their gas tanks, or taking a long time to get out their money/credit card) It still irritated me at times, but I think me being friendlier helped me realize that I can make too big of a deal out of things or take things too personally at times. I can honestly say that today I didn't dread work like I have in the past. I even came home in a good mood actually wanting to talk to my family when I walked in the door instead of being alone. My mom also got a brand new beautiful Mercedes today so that kinda made everyone happy. I'll apply the same approach when I go to the barber shop to get my hair cut and the salon to get my eyebrows waxed. Today was more focused around social and conversational skills, rather than not beating my dick. Getting late, time to get some sleep and call it a night.
Day 6- So far, so good. I had a thought about fapping about an hour ago, but didn't give in to it. My mood continues to improve, I did very well with keeping conversations going with people at work and holding eye contact today. I feel my confidence increasing day by day, and I'm becoming more comfortable with holding eye contact with girls, I'm also smiling a lot more. Not sure if it's all in my head, but physically I'm starting to feel a little stronger and slightly more in tune with my body. Even though I have been working out consistently for the past year. I got class early tomorrow, so I gotta get some sleep.
Day 7- Wow 1 week already since I last fapped! May not seem like much, but I guess it is an accomplishment for how bad I was before I started the nofap lifestyle. I felt pretty good today, although I did sit around being unproductive for awhile when I got home from class around 12:15, but I eventually got to work and added on to my part of my history group project outline and did my whole math homework section and was able to do the work effectively. However, my sitting around ruined any chances I had of working out, tomorrow I'll also be busy all day tomorrow, but hopefully I can squeeze in a workout run as well. My mood is ok, confidence is still the same but better than it was when I was whacking it regularly, it was a blah sorta day today, I get a lot of those days when it's crunch time in the semester, the workload for this one in particular is murderous. But I'll make it through.
Day 8- Feeling great that I decided to do this challenge. Today I went up to Ramapo to visit my twin brother (who is soon graduating) with my dad and younger brother. We went out to dinner and I noticed I was able to hold eye contact with the waitress serving us and speak with confidence. I was also smiling and laughing with my brothers and dad. I noticed I'm also able to enjoy food better than what I was when I was masturbating regularly. I'm also much better at appreciating the simple things such as the beauty of nature. While driving up to Ramapo, I was taken away by the scenery. Especially the mountains and watching the sunset. The woods also took my breath away, the serene little creeks and rivers running through them and the wildlife as well. It also amazed me how the interstate we were on was built on the mountainous terrain. I also feel my confidence increasing day by day. I really do believe beating my dick frequently messed up my testosterone levels as well as my dopamine levels. I feel more aggressive internally, but it's a productive "get shit done" type of aggression. I can only imagine what my confidence will be like a couple weeks from now if I'm already feeling better about myself now. My voice also seems a little deeper and less nasally as well.
Day 9- Everything is starting to feel much clearer. My brain's getting out of that fog. My senses seem a little sharper as well. Work was busy today but one women complimented me on how efficient I was working with moving the cars to open pumps and serving them quickly. At first shrugged it off, saying the job was easy. Then she "but most attendants are lazy and just let the cars wait." A mental switch went off and I sincerely accepted the compliment, saying that I move the cars so I can get them out of here quickly as possible. A small, brief conversation about my job started (can't remember the full details), then I said thank you finished off her transaction and sent her off. I did stiffen up on conversations with a few customers but that was probably because it was busy and I was working by myself most of the time, so I was under a little pressure. A girl about my age (I'm 22) was having a humorous conversation with her boyfriend over the phone saying that he's got "15 bitches over his house." I was sitting in my booth with the doors open and her car was parked right next to the booth, so I heard most of the conversation. When I went to hang up the nozzle, she asked if I heard her conversation, I smiled and said I did, joked back with her, and had a brief conversation, telling her to "get over there fast and kick some ass." My eye contact was on point today as well. I'm getting even better practice since I'm wearing sunglasses at work I can look at people straight in the eye without getting nervous so that when it gets dark out and I have to take them off, it'll soon become an automatic habit to make eye contact with everyone. I even started conversations with a few customers, talking about things such as school, how much the Yankees sucked today (raised as a lifelong Yankee fan, they lost to the Rays 5-1), school, my job, etc. I'm starting to notice that girls make eye contact with me and there's times where I hold my eye contact and they're the ones to break eye contact. I also was for the most part very friendly and was smiling, girls also would smile at me as well, so I guess women are starting to notice me and find me attractive. That was almost never the case when I was masturbating regularly. And when they did try to be friendly with me, I'd be aloof and rather cold. Masturbation really does lower your sex drive towards real interactions with real women, I actually feel a desire to talk to girls and I'm much more approachable than I was in the past. Rude customers (luckily I don't get too many) now seem like insignificant pests. My confidence is too high for a bug to knock me down off my level. Confidence really is such a key trait to possess to truly be happy, and I feel happier than I've been feeling for the past 3 years.
Day 10- Since I got time to kill before my math class I figured I'd make an entry. Last night I was getting stronger urges than as of late to masturbate but I didn't give in. I also used the one-person bathroom at school today and I did not fap in it, despite getting a slight urge to do so. The days of my urges controlling me are over. I control them, they will not control me. In order to truly have our personal freedom, we have to fight for it, even fighting the internal battle of controlling our vices. I'm taking these urges on as a challenge, and if I give in to these urges, I fail. I will not accept failure. 10 days may not seem like much, but it's the longest streak I've had in awhile. 8 seconds of pleasure after stroking it for 10 minutes is not worth losing the results I've had so far. I've also raised my goal. I will not fap until after I actually have a real life sexual encounter with a girl, regardless of our romantic status. The only way for it to count is if we actually do the act. Handjobs, blowjobs, me going down/fingering her, and/or feeling up done without old glory getting in between her legs at some point won't count. The sex also has to be successful with both of us feeling satisfied afterwards. Bad, excessively awkward, or interrupted performances will not count either. That'll definitely light a fire under my ass to get the real thing rather than beating my dick to a 2D image of a girl I don't know and will never meet. I plan on seeing this goal all the way through, no matter how long it takes for me to get the real thing.
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2014.03.27 02:56 sometimesdee East Ramapo Cancels Free Arts Program for Fleetwood Elementary Kids

According to Maggie Duff Castelluccio: "My daughter is in the 2nd grade in Fleetwood Elementary. Her class was one of 5 East Ramapo Elementary classes to be invited to the Rockland Center of the Arts in West Nyack for a special art-related program. Nice any other time, but especially nice considering we currently have no art instruction. The cost was to be covered by a grant given to the RCoA so district only had to provide busing. Trip was to be this Friday, 3/28, from 10 am to 12:30pm. Then they moved it to Thursday. My daughter comes home today to say it was cancelled. The principal Ms. Simmons does not know why the trip was cancelled, only that the district said it could not take place. My husband has already called Joel Klein and left a message that we highly doubt we will ever get an answer to. So, I'd like answers as to why this FREE program was cancelled by the East Ramapo school district, especially a program that would provide even a few hours of art instruction that the children are not receiving. If funding was asked for to bus my child, I would have paid it gladly and covered any child that could not afford a trip. WHY is East Ramapo not letting our children take advantage of FREE art instruction?"
Update 1: "My husband, Chris, did speak with Mr. Klein. He claims no knowledge of the cancellation of the trip. He said he would call Chris back tomorrow after he found out what happened. If it was a problem that my daughter's class was not behaving well enough to be granted the privilege of the trip, I would expect to be told so. However, Principal Simmons says the date was originally changed from Friday to Thursday because of the conflict in the timing of busing because of the Jewish private schools letting out half day on Friday. Most of all, I feel badly for these kids. They're pushed and do very well academically and get everything taken from them. It was somewhat of a farce to go see the kids put on a program celebrating Black History Month and those that persevered even when faced with far less than equal schooling and other rights when segregation is occurring all over again."
Update 2: " Chris received a call from the Arts Director. There was a scheduling conflict as they couldn't quite fit in all of the classes on one date. The Arts Center has been kind enough to allow the district to reschedule but they will be doing in the in school portion first. Nothing malicious here, for once! Still find it amusing that the superintendant [sic] had no knowledge of anything to do with the program."
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2013.08.12 17:08 SecondSafestCity Judge: East Ramapo lease OK until Oct. court date

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2012.05.07 23:49 kingofturtles Final Days of Spring Semester!

As the Spring Semester winds down, here are a couple of important dates and links to see you through finals week. Here is the academic calendar. Residence Halls close on the 12th unless you have a final on the 14th , which is also the last day of the semester. Here is the Finals Schedule
Good luck everyone, and congratulations to the class of 2012!
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2011.12.01 05:30 kingofturtles Final Weeks!

Yay the fall semester is almost over! Here are some important dates
On Tuesday, Dec 13th, the school will act as if it is Wednesday (which is reading day, so no classes!) Honestly, I'm not sure how this works though.
Finals start on Thursday, Dec 15th and end on the 21st. Final Exam Schedule
The last day of the semester and the last day to leave on-campus residences is also the 21st.
And the college reopens again on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012.
Happy Holidays!
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2011.11.07 19:24 SecondSafestCity Elections 2011: SecondSafestCity Sheriff & Town Supervisor Endorsements

/Rockland was founded nearly 3 years ago, and in that time, has organically grown to reach 56 new redditors, who have each managed to find this subreddit on their own volition, or through word of mouth. Every day, I take no less than 15 minutes to review major news, crime blotter, and editorials of interest to residents of Rockland. I do what almost every redditor does: post what interests me. Hence, headlines are often editorialized.
Over the past few months, you, the subscribers of /Rockland, have encouraged me to continue submitting content just the way I have been, and frequently have up-voted stories in which I provide a critical commentary contrary to the content in the publication, in the headline that I write. Given that, below, are a brief list of endorsements and my rationale for each selection. Note that, unfortunately, I simply do not know enough about the Town of Haverstraw or the town of Stony Point to provide any insight into these races. Perhaps another redditor here can post their opinions and rationales for these races.
I do not believe that my choices will surprise anyone who has remained subscribed here for any amount of time. The choices below reflect my level of confidence in incumbent candidates across Rockland (which is, little to no confidence).
I encourage other redditors of /Rockland to join the debate below. Feel free to discuss other races or candidates.
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